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B2B cabinet design services – An extension of your team. 

Save time and money with our B2B cabinet design services

50 Lakes Cabinet Design provides B2B cabinet design services (freelance cabinet design services) to cabinet industry professionals. Do you need to spend more time focusing on your business instead of spending so much time on design? Are projects being delayed or extended due to too many client changes?  We can help you focus on your business by creating your perspective views, floor plans, elevations, and price lists in 2020 Design! We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you reduce turnaround time for your kitchen designs with our B2B cabinet design services!

How can we help you deliver that WOW factor?

    • Photo-realistic 3D renderings to help your clients visualize their new space
    • Professional looking set of drawings to include floor plans and elevations
    • Use the drawings and price list to quote the project more accurately
    • Technical drawings for custom cabinets, layouts, lighting plans etc
    • Work with your clients on your behalf when they need more planning and attention
    • Cut overhead costs associated with 2020 licenses and other in-house design related expenses
    • Most importantly, we free up your time to focus on your business


50 Lakes Cabinet Design has taken an important role in our kitchen sales process. We’re glad we can trust them with our cabinet projects and not worry about errors in the design.

Getting started with our B2B cabinet design services

Free Consultation – Let’s talk!

To begin with, we work with you to understand your client journey, internal stakeholders, and how you see our team fitting into your processes. I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘communication is KEY’ in every relationship.


Once everything is nailed down and we have a good understanding of how your company works, we will get started. The first things we’ll need are access to your 2020 Design catalogs, specification books, and other documentation on your cabinet lines.

We pride ourselves on our strong industry understanding. Therefore as our relationship grows, we will make (and welcome) suggestions for improvements as needed.

Contact us to see how our B2B cabinet design services team can work with you to WOW your clients.