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choosing-dining-light 29November 2017

How to choose a marvelous dining table light

The homeowner of our latest kitchen remodel project was really struggling with choosing lighting for her island as well as above her dining table. Light fixtures are one of the main things replaced during a remodel. The biggest statement piece is the light fixture above a dining table and kitchen island. This Houzz article touches on selecting lighting that will have a real impact on the look and feel of your room.

Design considerations for choosing your light fixture:


How bright do you want the room to be? How many light bulbs do you want your light fixture to hold? These are two questions any homeowner choosing light fixtures should ask themselves. For above the dining table, most clients want more than just standard lighting. A statement piece, such as a chandelier, is a great start. It can draw the eye to the space and set the tone. One of our clients chose this luxurious chandelier for above her table. It fit in perfectly with her vision of elegance for her space.

Light chandelier


 Deciding what style you want is just as important as the brightness of your lighting. If your style is more contemporary, having an ornate chandelier in your dining room would clash with the other areas of your house. However, something like what another client chose below for over their kitchen island would be perfect for a contemporary style. You can see in the background that the client also chose a simpler chandelier for over their dining table which better suited their contemporary style and blended seamlessly into the rest of the house.

Dream Kitchen Island, Dining Room and Built-ins Light


Placement is just as important as looks and style. Having a great light fixture in an awkward spot could limit interior design selection in the future. Fortunately, choosing a spot for the right light fixture is easy once you’ve found your piece. Your table size and shape would be a great start at determining placement. Another determining factor would be the size of the room. Our client below chose a modern chandelier for above their rectangular dining table. If they were to switch out the rectangular table for a square or round table, then the chandelier would still be in a perfect spot to tie the room together.

Contemporary Light Fixture

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For more design considerations and a more in-depth look at how to choose the perfect dining table light, take a look at the Houzz article below!

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