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14July 2018

Is Black the New White?

We’ve seen white kitchens everywhere. They have been trending, rightfully so, for the past few years. White kitchens sparkle. They shine. They give this light and airy feeling of openness when you enter the room. So, why are we seeing more and more black kitchens popping up this year? At first, I was a bit skeptical, too, but then, we did a remodel and the owners rolled in their brand spanking new stainless steel black appliances and I had to admit to myself that they looked kind of amazing. Ok. A lot amazing. I knew I had to look into it a little more. So here I am. Let’s take a look!

Black cabinets and countertops

We’ve seen the contrasting kitchens where there’s dark countertops against the pristine white kitchen. We have even seen the darker contrasting kitchen island against the airy white cabinets. We’ve also seen black hardware on white cabinets coming back. These are all great options if you want to dip your toe into the trend. You can always change your drawer pulls as a quick and inexpensive way to update your cabinets. You can change the island to a different shade by refacing them. The countertop may be a bit trickier but still doable! Look at some of the options you have below!

[houzz=https://www.houzz.com/photo/52570627-kitchen-transitional-kitchen-baltimore] Look at how gorgeous these black cabinets are with the satin brass door and drawer pulls!

[houzz=https://www.houzz.com/photo/8814140-white-and-black-low-country-kitchen-transitional-kitchen-new-york] This black contrasting island puts just the right touch of flair into this amazing kitchen! The matching drawer pulls really pull the cabinets together.

Black stainless steel appliances!

Yes! Black stainless steel appliances! No more worrying about fingerprints! I love how if you don’t want the shiny, you can get it in a subtle matte finish. Options! Both Samsung and LG have both started to showcase their black stainless steel appliances on their front page of their kitchen sections. It’s so easy to see why. The appliances are sleek and sexy. (Wait. Did I just call an appliance…sexy? “That’s quite a sexy stove you got there…do you do a lot of baking?” We’re getting off track!) The dark stainless steel makes a world of a difference in how a kitchen looks. We can figure them into a design for you if you’re having a hard time imagining it! Come by or shoot us an email! In the meantime, take a look at all the sexiness below!

Our client chose black stainless steel appliances after their kitchen remodel. They look amazing in their new kitchen!


[houzz=https://www.houzz.com/photo/82501158-high-park-home-tropical-kitchen-toronto] Look at how the darker appliances make the teal cabinets POP!


Black hardware

All of those options above just a little too much? Not to worry! You can still try out the trend with black drawer pulls and accents! There’s nothing that will show more contrast than black accents in a pristine, white kitchen. We all know that black and white are classic color combinations that have lasted for centuries! Take a look below at a couple of your options!




So what do you think? Do you think black is the new white in kitchens? Do think it’s a trend that will last or is it something that will fizzle out quickly? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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