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Cabinet refacing -You can have a new kitchen with 1/2 the mess!

If you are anything like us, the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. In fact, it is where we gather as family and friends, where memories are made, and ideas are hatched. At 50 Lakes Cabinet Refacing our goal is to make your home everything you want it to be. It’s personal from the beginning so we get to know you, your tastes, your style and will help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Are you happy with the layout and design of your kitchen but want a new look? In most cases, cabinet refacing is a better choice than gutting your kitchen and installing all new cabinets. It will save you the time and inconvenience of a complete kitchen remodel. Since cabinet refacing includes new doors and drawer fronts, the majority of what people see will be brand new. What’s not to love about that?

Why should we choose cabinet refacing?

  • There is less mess and inconvenience
  • Installation takes just days to complete
  • You can even still use your kitchen during the installation, unlike with a full kitchen remodel where you can be without a kitchen for days to weeks
  • The door style and finish options are almost endless
  • No need to worry about flooring placement as the footprint of your cabinetry doesn’t change
  • Refacing materials and doors purchased from Walzcraft (LaCrosse, WI) a proud member of American Made Matters®,

Walzcraft Signature Series cabinet refacingWhat is cabinet refacing?

Refacing your cabinets includes covering the face frames with a thin veneer of real wood or plastic laminate. Doors and drawer fronts are replaced to match or complement the new veneer. Finally, new hinges, knobs, pulls, and molding complete the transformation.

With Cabinet Refacing you will choose the door style, wood species, and finish that you would like applied to your cabinets. Check out the refacing process below for more information on what happens during a refacing project. Want to add a little more ‘WOW factor’? Then let’s add some new accessories to make your kitchen more functional and organized!

No job is too small OR too big!

Do you need just a new cabinet door or drawer front (sometimes called redooring)? Are the bottoms falling out of your drawer boxes or do your drawer guides not work properly? Are you tired of your kids slamming your cabinets and your drawers? We’ve got a fix for all of these! Just give us a call and we’ll come to your rescue.

Working with 50 Lakes Cabinet Design

You’ll see from our first consultation that you have chosen the right team to transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams! We will communicate with you so you understand the process, work to get the job done on time and on budget, and with as little disruption to your family as possible.

Step-by-step refacing process

Refacing Step-by-Step

Step 1: Remove Existing Doors, Drawer Fronts, and Moldings
The refacing team will remove your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. If the project includes a new cabinet or range hood, the team will install them at this time as well
Step 2: Surface Preparation
To ensure that the veneer will adhere properly, we thoroughly sand and clean all exposed surfaces of the existing cabinets.
Step 3: Cut Refacing Veneer to Size
The team prepares a ‘cut list’ and cuts the prefinished refacing material to necessary widths.
Step 4: Apply Refacing Veneer
The team then aligns and applies the veneer with a smoothing tool to ensure a firm and lasting adhesion. At this point, the transformation is becoming quite evident
Step 5: Trim Refacing Veneer
In this step, the team trims the veneer so it is flush with the cabinet and smooth to the touch.
Step 6: Install New Doors
Oh! The look of your ‘like-new’ cabinets is starting to come together as the refacing team installs the new doors with soft-close hinges.
Step 7: Install New Drawer Fronts
As the job nears completion, the refacing team installs the new drawer fronts and replaces drawer boxes or drawer guides when needed or requested. If you have requested new roll-out trays or other accessories for your cabinets (which we just love) we will install those at this time too.
Step 8: Attach New Decorative Hardware
The refacing team now dresses up your cabinets with your new knobs and pulls – the BLING. This step is optional if you choose to save some money and reuse your existing hardware.
Step 9: Apply Molding and Trim
Finally, the refacing team installs the molding and trim pieces and packs up their tools, leaving your kitchen in better shape than when they arrived. Voila! Your job is complete!

Have questions or want a free consultation?

With our vast selection of cabinet doors and finishes, we can make your cabinets look like a million bucks, regardless of your budget.  Besides, we’ll help you bring the comfort and character back to your kitchen! Give us a call 910-363.0112 – we’d be happy to chat with you!

I would highly recommend 50 Lakes to anyone wanting to remodel/design a new kitchen. Very professional, stayed on top of everything. Jackie kept me posted on a regular basis on what to expect in the refacing/redooring process. I love my new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Get lots of compliments.

Not just for kitchens

While we discussed kitchens mostly on this page, refacing can be done on any cabinets in your home – bathrooms, laundry rooms, entertainment centers, etc.

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